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That Which Matters

There are books that we read and then set aside; others serve as reliable resources we often return to.  Total ...
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Opened Bible with a quote from Jesus


Does God belong in the public arena of politics, business, law, art, and education? This is the question Nancy Pearcey asks. It ...
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Opened Bible floating over troubled water crashing against rocky cliffs

If God Were Not

In The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan Karamazov exclaims that if God does not exist, then everything is permitted. I am grateful ...
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Woman reading the Bible on a dock

Today, If You Hear His Voice

The psalmist says we have been wonderfully made by God. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; ...
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White flowers under a clear blue sky

Faith or Feeling

We’re highly emotional creatures. And one of the challenges we face as Christians is living a superficial Christian life based ...
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Opened Bible placed on top of a church podium

A New Relationship

David Berlinski in his book, Human Nature, writes that what the academic and professional life says is irresistible, but it ...
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A mountain during a blue clear sky being reflected on a water surface

Good and Evil

It was in Eden that good and evil became an issue. Since then we have tried to emulate the good ...
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The Least

There is a political and social issue today that is based on Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I ...
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Field of yellow flowers with “The Pathway to Life” text graphics

The Pathway to Life

The 4th of July and Memorial Day will often bring back memories of times in a cemetery. There are others ...
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Clear blue sky with fluffy clouds over the top of green trees with “God’s Sweet Glory”

God’s sweet Glory

When an expert tells us that the human brain is self-referential, that pretty much explains why we are always thinking ...
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