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About K&L Publishing

We began publishing when my wife Lucille typed up the memories my mother and father had written. That was in  December 1974.

At that time, we had a local printing shop take photos of the pages she had typed and bind them into books with the title, “The Memoirs of Harold C.T. Peterson.” We then enclosed the bound memoirs in covers made out of finished wood from a cherry tree that Harold had on his farm in Bone Lake, WI.

From then on, Lucille and Ken just kept on writing. They did this while receiving advanced degrees, managing their own careers, and raising a family, watching their four children excel in everything they did.

For a period of time, local publishers printed and bound our books. We later trained in desktop publishing around the same time Ken was recovering from his cancer surgery.

After learning how to design our books on Adobe software, we purchased a high-end printer and printed our own books. These were then bound by Spring Prairie Printing near Hawley, MN.

For us, book publishing became a hobby instead of a for-profit enterprise.

Partners in Publishing

We both grew up in Christian homes. Lucille received her Christian training in Old Westbrook Lutheran Church in Westbrook, Minnesota. Kenneth received his Christian education at Zion Lutheran Church in Bone Lake, Wisconsin. We are the parents of four children. We have sixteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Lucille was a high school teacher in English, typing, and business. Prior to this, she had been a highly respected secretary to executives in Lutheran Institutions. She has always loved reading and has remarkable skills in editing. Ken was a pastor for 45 years, a psychotherapist for 42 years, and an adjunct clinical professor in a medical school for 40 years.

Old Westbrook Lutheran Chruch, Westbrook, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church, Bone Lake, Wiscsonsin

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Our Books

  • Simple Faith, 2010; 200 pages
  • Heavens This Way, 2014; 165 pages
  • Beyond Ourselves , 2015; 152 pages
  • Beyond Time, 2018; 410 pages
  • Johannes Motterud Family, 2005; 128 pages
  • Returning, 2006; 310 pages
  • Mimi and Nels, 2008; 502 pages
  • Swenson Family History, 2010; 132 pages

Letters From Home, 2012; 380 pages

This is the story of two men and two women who came to America in their 20s having never met in Norway.  They meet in Minnesota and Syver marries Ingeborg and Nels marries Anna Marie.

A Psalm of Gratefulness, 2006; 112 pages

The book is about a farm boy who loved singing. With the guidance of  loving voice teachers, Ella Hjertaas Roe and Edith Byquist Norberg he received many awards. Among them was winning third place in the Midwest Regional Opera Auditions that included over 1,200 final contestants from regions of Canada, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Iowa,  Indiana and Illinois.