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Meditation 1

There’s a quaint little church located about 15 minutes outside of Charles City, Iowa. Perhaps some of you have been ...
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Blue sky with fluffy clouds and the top of green foliage

In Just Three Days

What a difference three days can make. Two men who had been eye-witnesses to the crucifixion of Jesus were now ...
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Truly, Truly

Feel the anguish in these words Jesus often spoke.  ‘Truly, truly, I say to you.”  Jesus said this to let ...
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Waves crashing on rocky cliffs

To Know His Love

If I say “I am a Christian,” what proof do I have to show the world that I am? Francis ...
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Blue sky with fluffy clouds and the top of green foliage

One Faith

There are no distant lands anymore; we are just one world. The story of the Tower of Babel in the ...
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Top of the green foliage in front of a snowy mountain

The Supremacy of God

Daily God is doing new things in new ways to answer the needs we must now face in these new ...
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Red autumn leaves in on a tree in front of tall green trees

A New Life

Every morning we wake up to the same person we were when we went to sleep. And too many of ...
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Blue-eyed baby looking happy

The Right to Life

We are losing trust in each other, we’re less dependable, and we lie and cheat a lot more. “As we ...
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Top of trees during an afternoon with blue sky and fluffy clouds

God’s Sovereign Power

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.Exodus 20:3 This is God’s disclosure of Himself. He has the sovereign power ...
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Peak of a high mountain surpassing wispy clouds

True Love

Love can be whimsical like the wind; it can come and go. But if there were no such thing as ...
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