God Is Present

Man holding his son’s hand while walking in an open field of grass

The story is told about a father and a son.  The father took the son to the stairway that led to the second floor.  He said, “Go up to the third step and jump down, and I will catch you in my arms. After some coaxing the lad jumped and his father caught him. “Now…

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New Creations

Reddening leaves of a tree

Have you ever asked yourself what it is that you truly believe—something that you would stake your life on?  Many believe in some form of determinism; we are the result of our psychological makeup which determines our behavior, or what we are is determined by our interaction with the environment. One can break this down…

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What Matters Most

Painting of Jesus at the well

Regardless of who we are or think we are,  we have common needs. If we lost our way in a dense forest any of us would probably last for a few weeks on no food and about three days without water. Is there a way in which we could see each other from that perspective…

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A Personal God

Painting of the Creation of Adam

One of the first things we do when we look at a newborn baby is to try and figure out who he/she looks like. Do you ever wonder how you resemble God?  The Word of God tells us that we were created in God’s image.  When God said, “Now we will make humans, and they…

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The Spirit of Truth

Visual illustration of the big bang phenomenon in the universe

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.Genesis 1:1 The lines are clearly drawn between those who believe Genesis 1 is true and those who don’t.  But the science which tries to prove Genesis 1 to be false has failed to discover a law that allows something to come from nothing. There is…

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That Which Matters

Opened laptop behind an opened notebook and beside a cup of coffee

There are books that we read and then set aside; others serve as reliable resources we often return to.  Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey is one of those sources for me. The world gets Christianity wrong when it regards it as just a set of individual beliefs, that Christ is both God and Man, that…

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Opened Bible with a quote from Jesus

Does God belong in the public arena of politics, business, law, art, and education? This is the question Nancy Pearcey asks. It is one an apologist would ask. Apologist comes from the Greek word ἀπολογία. It is a branch of Christian thinking that does not defend Christianity against the world but brings the truth of Christianity to…

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If God Were Not

Opened Bible floating over troubled water crashing against rocky cliffs

In The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan Karamazov exclaims that if God does not exist, then everything is permitted. I am grateful to David Berlinski for writing The Devil’s Delusion.  He writes that when the religious conviction seeped out of the institutions of Western culture, it was the poets and philosophers who had the uneasy feeling that…

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Today, If You Hear His Voice

Woman reading the Bible on a dock

The psalmist says we have been wonderfully made by God. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,Psalm 139:14. In the many years I practiced as a psychotherapist, I grew to realize that no matter who we are, we are bound to do the bidding of the ruler of…

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Faith or Feeling

White flowers under a clear blue sky

We’re highly emotional creatures. And one of the challenges we face as Christians is living a superficial Christian life based on what we feel. The Bible does tell us that Jesus had feelings; he wept and got angry. Even social psychology would probably support the fact that being emotionally in touch is good.  For it…

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